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Friends of Youth


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Projects & Benefactors ::
Who Benefits?
This partial list (ordered by name only) represent many of the organizations / events that the Uptown Optimist Club continues to help through its many activities.
· American Legion Baseball
· Big Brothers & Sisters
· Boy Scouts of America
· Boys & Girls Clubs
· Camp Mak a Dream
· Cascade of Talent
· Childhood Cancer Campaign
· Girl Scouts
· Great Falls Robotics Club
· High School Graduation Parties
· High School Speech Meet
· In School Scouting
· Junior Golf
· Juvenille Drug Court
· Little League Baseball
· Mercy Home
· Oratorical Contest
· Special Olympics
· Youth Appreciate
· Youth Bike Giveaway Program
· Youth Hockey Programs
· Youth in Government

In addition, the Uptown Optimist Club administers the Everett & Ann Stanger Scholarship Fund.
The Uptown Optimst Club has several main fund raising projects to help benefit our recipients. Our two biggest projects are Parking Lot Striping & our annual Christmas Tree Sales.

Parking Lot Striping
Professional & Affordable, the Uptown Optimist seasonal parking lot striping raises thousands of dollars for our Youth Programs. For more information, please call 727-7978.

Christmas Tree Sales
The Uptown Optimist Club has been selling Christmas trees to individuals and businesses almost as long as our club was founded. This popular fund raising event exemplifies the Christmas spirit, and benefits those who need it most, WHEN they need it most. For more information, please call 727-7978.